Duke tomosynthesis

Duke tomosynthesis, Tomosynthesis is a decades-old technique for section imaging that has seen a recent upsurge in interest due to its promise to provide three-dimensional information at lower.

Ehsan samei professor of radiology and electrical and computer engineering at duke his main modalities of interest are ct and tomosynthesis for.

Digital breast tomosynthesis (3-d mammography), now offered at the duke cancer center in durham, is the latest diagnostic advance in breast cancer detection jay baker, md, a duke radiologist, explains what it is, and how this new generation of 3-d mammograms differs from traditional digital mammography. Technology an imaging system for performing tomosynthesis on a region of an object comprises an x-ray source, motion controller, an x-ray detector and a. Ten reasons to get your mammogram at duke for example, we have been doing research on digital breast tomosynthesis (3d mammography) for the last 10 years. Tomosynthesis applications in radiation oncology’s profile, publications, research topics, and co-authors.

My lab focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer using advanced imaging techniques there are 3 main projects: tomosynthesis imaging, radiomics, and. The breast imaging division at duke is part of a large duke radiology is one of current research studies involve digital breast tomosynthesis.

  • Digital tomosynthesis • an imaging technique in which multiple x-rays of one object are take from a discrete number • duke advanced imaging laboratory.
  • 2 welcome from program directors welcome to duke university and the tomosynthesis symposium 2009 we are delighted that.

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Duke tomosynthesis
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